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P.O. Box 2714

Grass Valley, CA  95945

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​​A Message from Rev. Madalyn Wade

                                    Welcome to our web presence. We are delighted you have                                     chosen to check out what we have to offer. We honor and                                     respect all spiritual paths knowing that extraordinary living is                                 available to all of us. Our sacred, spiritual community is a place                             where people expand their consciousness of good, knowing we                             are all One in Spirit.

The Sierra Center for Spiritual Living is a vibrant community in the midst of growth and change. We are attracting a new Senior Minister and exploring the possibility of a new spiritual home. Our Sunday gatherings with uplifting messages and stirring music, as well as other events, inspire, educate and support all of us on our spiritual journeys. If you find yourself in a challenging situation or state of being, or desire to heal, we offer prayer and spiritual counseling. We offer classes, spiritual circles, opportunities to serve and special events throughout the year to build community, enrich lives and have fun. We love the giving Spirit within us and live in joy.

I invite you to visit us on Sundays and check out our calendar of events. The people attracted to our Center are loving, joyful and spiritually grounded. Our guiding Centers for Spiritual Living vision is to Create a World That Works for Everyone. Please come join us on the adventure.

Rev. Madalyn Wade
Bridge Minister

​​​​​This Week's Affirmation is:

“My Life is the joyful and unapologetic activity of inclusion. I celebrate every expression of the manifest Life of God.”​


There are many ways you can help the Sierra Center raise funds for our new home.

​​​​Come Celebrate with Us!​​

We are an interfaith community committed to awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence and our vision is “Celebrating Our Oneness In Spirit”.

​​Sunday, June 24, 2018

at 10:00 am​​​

The talk title for the day is:

"Oneness as a Life of Social Justice"

with Reverend Rafe Ellis

including uplifting music 

by Billy Bensing & Friends

Upcoming Services


The SCSL Search Committee has invited 3 Senior Minister candidates to come and give a Sunday talk and have an afternoon workshop.

Rev. Marcia MacLean ​June 17

Rev. Rafe Ellis June 24

Rev. Ron Fox July 1

​​Sierra Center for Spiritual Living provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place. 

We extend a warm welcome to all people in search of a spiritual community where they are embraced, affirmed and accepted for who they are, as well as inspired and supported to grow into their highest potential.​

Your Expanding FUN team has been busy!  We are searching for a new home and raising FUNds.

Welcome Home

Sacred Circles

My New Minister Covenant

God has Promised:  
"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth."  ~Baha'i

My New Minister is the Unity that I am.

I See My New Minister:
Empowering our thriving Spiritual Community

The Universal Intentions for Our New Minister are:
To inspire me to live in Unity as an expression of Love.
To awaken me to the Wisdom within.
To embody the consciousness of Wholeness in community and organizational well-being.

The Community Intentions for My New Minister are:
To offer Mystical Teachings that illuminate the Science of Mind principles.
To be a Loving and beneficial presence in the greater community in support of Social Activism.
Our mission is:
To provide an inclusive community of unconditional love, co-creating a joyful celebration of life through teaching and modeling spiritual principles and practices in accordance with the Science of Mind philosophy.