Volunteer Opportunities

Our Purpose & Mission
It truly takes a village... we believe in unity. It is our intention to not only serve our own spiritual community, but to be a light in our local community, as well as a light in the global community.

Throughout the year there are many opportunities to serve here at the Center, as well as the community at large.  In addition to our special events throughout the year, we have regular service teams that support Sunday services and other regular goings-on at the Center.  You will find a list of those below.  Please call the office at 530-274-1018 if you are interested in volunteering on any of our service teams, with our community partners, or for special events.

Sunday Service

These are the folks who show up on Sunday morning and make sure everything is in place for a wonderful service.  They greet people, hand out bulletins, take up the offering, put out the water and tea, straighten the chairs, and put the signs out in the parking lot, among other things.  You can sign up for a regular Sunday once a month, or as frequently as you’d like; or you can be on-call when someone else can’t make it. 

Projection Team (“Button Pushers”)

At the service every Sunday, someone sits at the computer and pushes the buttons to change the slides at just the right times.  It would be for one Sunday a month, or sometimes more if you’re willing.  It’s easy and simply requires a short training, and your presence and attention.

Bookstore Team

Once a month you would come in a few minutes before the service and stay for a little while after to tend the bookstore and sell our books and magazines.  This is fun, easy, and a great way to meet people!

Power Point Creation Team

If you are familiar and facile with Power Point, you may want to join the team that creates the slides for Sunday Services.  You would likely be doing this once a month, on a regular schedule.

Sound Team

Once a month (or more if you’d like) you would come early on Sunday and run the sound board for the service.  You would also come to music rehearsals when you are available.  If you don’t have experience with a sound system, it’s ok—you can be trained!

Youth  Ministries

Our Youth Ministry is currently providing child care at our Sunday service.  If you love kids and you’d be willing to care for them once a month, or take on the program, enroll a team, and develop it, give Rev. Rafe a call.

Movie Night  and Event Champions

Movie Night can be a once a month or occasional commitment to show up early for Movie Night, help make popcorn, set up water and chairs, and tidy up afterwards.  From time to time you might show the DVD as well.  Event champions are needed for occasional events and workshops to represent the Center, assist the presenter, open and close the building, and make sure the facility is left in good shape for whatever is next.

Garden Team

You would work independently or with others, checking the drip system, pruning and cleaning up, and beautifying the garden as needed.

Uplift Circle

This is a care circle that brings a little sunshine to peoples’ lives by providing an occasional meals, ride, or other non-professional assistance when it is needed following a surgery or illness. The circle will meet once a month and then members will do what they can when they can.

Sunday Flowers

Every week we have beautiful flowers on the altar.  If you would like to bring them once a month, or even once in awhile, or even just once, please call Linda.

Facilities Team

This team is a pool of people that Rodger can call and ask for help around the facility when it is needed.  You would serve as the need arises, and as your schedule permits.

Our Community Partners:

Interfaith Food Ministry - We have a representative on the Board at this community service organization, and we collect non-perishable foods, paper bags, and cash donations for them every Sunday to help feed our community.  "IFM" is often in need of drivers and other assistance.  If you would like to help them, please contact  Sue Van Son at sue@vansonic.com to see what is currently needed and wanted.

Thank You for all that you do for others and our world!