What We Believe - Our Guiding Principles:


We believe in God, the living Spirit Almighty; one, indestructible, absolute, and self-existent Cause. This One manifests itself in and through all creation, but is not absorbed by Its creation. The manifest universe is the body of God; it is the logical and necessary outcome of the infinite self-knowingness of God.

We believe in the incarnation of the Spirit in US, and that all people are incarnations of the One Spirit. 

We believe in the eternality, the immortality, and the continuity of the individual soul, forever and ever expanding.

We believe that heaven is within us, and that we experience it to the degree that we become conscious of It.
We believe the ultimate goal of life to be a complete emancipation from all discord of every nature, and that this goal is sure to be attained by all.

We believe in the unity of all life, and that the highest God and the innermost God is one God. We believe that God is personal to all who feel this indwelling Presence.

We believe in the direct revelation of Truth through our intuitive and spiritual nature, and that anyone may become a revealer of Truth who lives in close contact with the indwelling God.

We believe that the Universal Spirit, which is God, operates through a Universal Mind, which is the Law of God; and that we are surrounded by this Creative Mind which receives the direct impress of our thought and acts upon it.

We believe in the healing of the sick through the power of this Mind.

We believe in the control of conditions through the power of this Mind.

We believe in the eternal Goodness, the eternal Loving-kindness, and the eternal Givingness of Life to all.

We believe in our own soul, our own spirit, and our own destiny; for we understand that our life is God.

-Rev. Dr. Ernest S. Holmes

We are an affiliate member of Centers for Spiritual Living.


​Centers for Spiritual Living is a global organization with more than 400 spiritual communities in 30 countries. We teach a philosophy that brings science and religion together, and offer spiritual tools to transform personal lives and help make the world a better place.  This is done through the study and practice of Science of Mind which holds that all life is sacred, that every human being is a perfect expression of God.  We believe in Cause and Effect and teach "It is done unto you as you believe".  In essence, this means that it is our thoughts and our expectations that create our reality as human beings.  These teachings, founded by Ernest Holmes, incorporate the ancient wisdom of spiritual traditions and master teachers through out the ages.  So within our teachings you may discover familiar passages and quotes from many different sources, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and others.  People of all spiritual paths are welcome in our communities.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission:

To provide an inclusive community of unconditional love, co-creating a joyful experience of life through teaching and modeling spiritual principles and practices in accordance with the Science of Mind philosophy.

​​What We Teach:

"The whole purpose of Science of Mind is to reconcile the apparent separation of the spiritual world, which must be Perfect, with the material world, which appears imperfect."  (Ernest Holmes, SOM page 448)