Welcome to our web presence. I’m glad you surfed by to check out what Sierra Center for Spiritual Living has to offer you. Before I tell you about us, let me recognize who YOU are. You are created from Love, by Love, to be an exquisite individualized expression of that Love!!

Now, if you're like most of us earth dwellers, somewhere along this journey of human experience, you've gotten caught up in the events of life and the soup of societal messages and have unintentionally fallen into the idea that you have somehow become less valuable, less capable, or even less than lovable; that you are in some ways like the dented can with the torn label that is damaged and should be discarded.

If you can relate and find yourself challenged with unwanted areas of discomfort or discontentment in your life, we are here to remind you that even though the container may be well worn - the contents remain perfect.

We are here to guide you back to your Truth.  We honor and celebrate all spiritual paths because we recognize that creative and extraordinary living is expressed in many ways.

The Sierra Center for Spiritual Living is an inclusive and vibrant community in the midst of growth and expansion. We gather on Sunday mornings for heart opening music, exploring Spiritual Truths, and deepening community connection. Throughout the week we have events such as classes and spiritual circles that inspire, educate and support each of us on our spiritual journeys.

Because we also recognize that giving back grows us in beautiful and amazing ways by awakening our experience of connectedness and oneness with ALL life, we are continuously creating opportunities to serve outside the walls of our Center to build community, enrich lives and have fun. We love the giving Spirit within us and we live in joy.

I welcome the opportunity to meet you and get to know you a bit when you visit us on a Sunday morning to check us out in person. Can’t make it on Sunday’s… no worries!! Check out our calendar of events for more opportunities to join us on this adventure of “Creating a World That Works for Everyone”.

Rev. Rafe A. Ellis
Senior Minister

We're Open
While being as inclusive as we can be through a practical application of our Science of Mind teachings, and in alignment with current Nevada County Public Health Orders, we are open for

in-person Sunday Service.

We are using a beaded necklace communication system to indicate our preferred level of interaction with others with the understanding that We All Wear A Mask:
RED beads: No physical touching and please honor that I choose 6 feet of physical space between us.
YELLOW beads: My preference changes as I'm still figuring out what's comfortable for me. Please just ask me.
GREEN beads: I'm okay interacting in close physical proximity and even hugging.
We will continue to navigate this journey together and to do so in love and celebration of our differences free of guilt, shame and blame.
We're looking forward to seeing you, either 

in-person, via Zoom, Facebook or YouTube.

​​​​​Sierra Center for Spiritual Living provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place. 

We extend a warm welcome to all people in search of a spiritual community where they are embraced, affirmed and accepted for who they are, as well as inspired and supported to grow into their highest potential.​

Welcome Home

We are an interfaith community committed to awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence and our vision is

“Celebrating Our Oneness In Spirit”.

Sunday Services via

YouTube Live 10:00 AM

Or right here LIVE via Facebook

119 Florence Avenue

P.O. Box 2714

Grass Valley, CA  95945

Sunday Service at 10:00 am

Our mission:
To provide an inclusive community of unconditional love, co-creating a joyful celebration of life through teaching and modeling spiritual principles and practices in accordance with the Science of Mind philosophy.

​​​​​​​​​A Message from Rev. Rafe Ellis​​