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YouTube Live 10:00 AM

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  We are using a beaded necklace communication system to indicate our preferred level of interaction with others with the understanding that masks are strongly encouraged.

RED beads: No physical touching and please honor that I choose 6 feet of physical space between us.
YELLOW beads: My preference changes as I'm still figuring out what's comfortable for me. Please just ask me.​​
GREEN beads: I'm okay interacting in close physical proximity and even hugging.

We will continue to navigate this journey together and to do so in love and celebration of our differences free of guilt, shame and blame.

We're looking forward to seeing you, either 
in-person, via Zoom, Facebook or YouTube.

Rev. Rafe Ellis at CSL SOAR 2019​

Yes, We're Open!
​While being as inclusive as we can be through a practical application of our Science of Mind teachings, and in alignment with current Nevada County Public Health Orders, we are open for in-person Sunday Service.

Sierra Center for Spiritual Living
119 Florence Ave.
Grass Valley, CA.

Or right here LIVE via Facebook

CSL Spiritual Leader Dr. Edward Viljoen's keynote

at 2022 Spiritual Living Convention

CSL Spiritual Leader Dr. Edward Viljoen Live with Deepak Chopra

​Recorded September 11, 2020 LIVE on Facebook

Enjoy this recording of CSL Spiritual Leader, Dr. Edward Viljoen's interview with Deepak Chopra about his upcoming book, "Total Mediation".

Every Sunday at 10:00 AM

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September 11, 2022