Benefits of Intentional Giving

Intentional Giving strengthens our faith through practicing the Spiritual Principle of Reciprocity.

Just like exhaling makes room for inhaling, giving creates space for us to receive.  Circulation is the way life works.

We are a tithing center.  A portion of what we give flows through Sierra Center for Spiritual Living to expand good work in the world.

Giving clarifies our values.  What we give to reflects what we treasure, what we feel is important.

Giving is its own answered prayer demonstrating our commitment to live by Spiritual Principles.

For those of you who are already members of Sierra Center for Spiritual Living, please reaffirm your membership letting us know that you remain committed to being an active participant of this expansive, inclusive and loving community.  Together, we amplify the power of our intention.  We grow by standing in the possibility and property of Creation.

Practicing Reciprocity in 2022