Dear Beloved Friends,

Your Expanding FUN Team had a big week full of important meetings.  I am sharing our week especially with those that were not here for the discussions.

The Expanding FUN team met to discuss all 3 of the architects/building designers that we interviewed and decided unanimously to hire Robert Wallis.  He is the only licensed Architect of the three, very professional and we liked the way he communicated and listened to our vision.

We also discussed the quote we received for Fire Insurance from Church and Casualty.  I received an update yesterday from Sandi Schilling.  Placer Insurance also responded to our request for a quote and said that the McCourtney Road property is in a high fire danger area and they declined our request. Good to know!

We met with the County to get feedback from our Pre-Application Review for a Use Permit. (deep breath) We learned a LOT from this meeting.  The number one item that we learned is that a “winery” does NOT have to jump through any county hoops when opening their business.  They do NOT have to be approved for a Use Permit! After our jaws hit the floor, we quickly realized that any requirements, inspections etc. that we hoped might have already been done by Bent Metal… have not!  This means that SCSL would be required to meet many different regulations in order to have our church at this location.  :-(  It was a bit overwhelming as the list got longer and longer.  cha-ching  cha-ching

Here are just a few items that would be required (some we knew and some we didn’t)…

  • Current septic system of the metal building would need to be upgraded and would require a second tank and longer leach lines.  

  • The leach lines for the septic at the main house are only permitted for a 2 bedroom home and might need to be upgraded depending on our use for the house.

  • The water well is currently a Class I and needs to be a Class II.  This could mean possibly digging the well deeper and casing it or digging a whole new well.

  • It is also required to receive a Drinking Water Permit.  FYI, there is a new brewery in our county that has been waiting 6 months for their permit and they cannot open until they get approved!

  • We would also have to have water tank on site. (a 13,000 foot church in our county needed a 60,000 gallon tank!)

  • The driveway needs to be 20 feet wide all the way up and around the house and to the metal building.  I drove by the other day and it is definitely NOT 20’ right now.

  • We need a minimum of 49 parking spaces to accommodate our current membership.

  • This is a good one… the parking lot must also include an undetermined number of electric car plugins!!!  This is a new requirement that started in 2017.  

Andy Cassano (Nevada County Engineer) joined us at the county meeting.  When the meeting was over we asked him about the timeframe of submitting the Use Permit application and being approved by the county BEFORE our close of escrow on July 29th.  Without any hesitation he said no.  He said it would probably take up to 3 months just to submit the application. We already know that once submitted it would take the county an additional 84 days to approve the app.

All of these additional requirements are going to be very costly and we no longer feel we have the funds to get them done AND remodel the metal building.  Plus, it is not possible to get the Use Permit before the July 29th close of escrow.  The Board voted on Thursday and decided to cancel Escrow.

Dave, Sandy and Gary will have one last meeting this Monday, April 23 with Andy Cassano and Robert Wallis.  The purpose of this meeting is to wrap up and get both of their final thoughts about our project and the county feedback.  Going forward, I’m sure we will reach out to them again for the next property.

The search and fundraising will continue.  The Expanding FUN team will be taking a short break and resuming our meetings the first week in June.


​Dina Jacopi and your Expanding FUN Team (Dave Clark, Sandy Devine, Sandi Schilling, Jill Wiggins, Gary Wade and Rev. Madalyn Wade)

April 21, 2018

Our mission is:
To provide an inclusive community of unconditional love, co-creating a joyful celebration of life through teaching and modeling spiritual principles and practices in accordance with the Science of Mind philosophy.

The Expanding FUN team was created to help fulfill the Sierra Center's vision for a new home. The team reviewed all of the visioning from our Members' work on October 2014, they've also looked at past groups' visioning points and have listened to many comments from members in recent months, from all of this we created a list from which to work. The basics that we need for a new home are: a sanctuary large enough for one service and that can hold up to 300 people, two offices (for Rev. Lani and Administration), two rooms for practitioners, a large kitchen, a fellowship hall, a children's room, a teen room, a meditation space, a bookstore, and a storage room. Our new home is a beautiful space with lots of trees, big windows looking out through the sanctuary, a community garden, a big level parking lot and conveniently located close to town.

​The team continues to meet weekly to discuss all possibilities and to help keep the vision alive.​​

The McCourtney Road Property

Expanding FUN!

Here is a conceptual drawing (not to scale) of our vision for a new home.  This is just to give you a idea of all the rooms that we need.

119 Florence Avenue

P.O. Box 2714

Grass Valley, CA  95945

(530) 274-1018

January 29, 2017

Your Expanding FUN team has been busy!  We are continuing to look at possible properties and we've gotten excited about a couple possibilities.  The experience of property hunting has given us much insight into what it will take to build the perfect new home.  We've learned a lot about what we want (thanks to you and our community vision!), but most importantly we've discovered what this will cost. This is an enormous project and we've now shifted our focus more towards FUNdraising.  We had many small fundraisers in 2016, Jamba Juice, Coffee, T-Shirts, eScrip, Raley's, Amazon Smile, Benefit Mobile and more!  Every single penny we raised has made a difference and we thank everyone who supported these efforts.  

With Infinite Love & Gratitude,
Dina Jacopi and your Expanding FUN Team ~ Rev. Lani Howard, Sandy Devine, Sandi Schilling, Julia Robles-Scott, Jill Wiggins, Maria Blasko and Dave Clark.

March 19, 2018

Dear Members,

We held a very special meeting on March 11th for our members voted on whether or not to continue negotiations for the McCourtney Road property.  90% voted YES!  Thank you to everyone who attended and voted.  Since that vote, the owners of the McCourtney Road property have accepted our offer and as of Saturday, March 17th we are officially in escrow.  We are very excited to continue moving forward with this possible new home of the Sierra Center for Spiritual Living.  We still have a few very important contingencies to meet before this becomes our new home.  The main one is that we have to get approved for a Use Permit.  This process can take several months to complete.  Your Expanding FUN Team and the Board of Trustees are committed to this project and we looking forward to updating as we move along.

Thank you for your support.


Dina Jacopi

​President, Board of Trustees